In the world of online casinos, there are many things which players should definitely pay attention to. In part these are general tips, well-meaning in nature. Yet players should – or perhaps must – set themselves some ground rules. It’s not a question of whether players are beginners or already experienced. Holding to these rules contributes to the high entertainment factor of playing. In casinos, you can both win and lose money. It is the way this happens which makes the difference. Holding to your own rules means that you won’t feel bad even when you lose. After all, everybody knows you can’t always win in life.


Before you play it, get to know the rules of a game. Nothing is worse than losing because you didn’t properly understand the game. Online casions often offer various demo games where you can get to know the rules in your own good time. Following this you will be well-prepared for playing with real money. Also get to know which games offer you the best chance of winning. There are differences here too. Just choose games where winnings are lower but more regular in occurrence.


One of the most important rules is to control your budget. Stipulate a monthly amount which is in line with your income and that you can use up without passing up on the most important things in life. And stick to it! Also pay attention to how much time you are spending in the casinos. This time should always enjoy a healthy relationship to your other free time activities. Here the old-rule applies: less is usually more. Play for fun and enjoy it as entertainment.


In the case of your budget, you should also set an upper limit after you have won. Don’t make the mistake of trying to make up for old losses. The more you play, the higher the chances become that you lose again. In general, it can be said that you can sometimes take a bigger risk regarding the size of your bets after a win. After all, you are playing with money you have already won.


There are many good casinos where you can place your bets. If it’s not working out in one casino don’t hang around, go on to the next one. In addition many of them you offer a bonus which put to good use for starters. Looking at it this way it makes sense to spread your budget across many online casinos.


Take your time before transferring funds to a casino to check out that it’s legit. Pay attention to its security software, along with its regulatory authority, software provider, data encryption and the identity of the body overseeing the random number generator. The most respected casinos of the branch have no problem with seeing these services controlled by third-party providers.


Whoever plays regularly needs to be able to draw upon a certain amount of self-control. Gambling addiction is often impossible to detect immediately and seeing it demands a certain capacity for self-assessment. What began as gaming pleasure quickly develops into a regular habit and finally to a full-blown gambling addiction. The consequences are large financial losses, resultant personal problems within an addicts family and complete isolation from friends and family. Don’t forget: gambling is a matter of entertainment and never a realistic source of income!

Development stages

First successes: Whoever plays in a casino for a first time often has luck on their side. This might be due to their relaxation in only wanting to try it out or perhaps because they had no expectations at all, or only those of losing. And then they win, in a casino as well! It was all so easy. They want to try it out again as soon as possible.

You play more regularly: Now you are playing regularly. Hot on the heels of the first winnings come the first losses. That initial fun is quickly paired with the hard reality of painful losses. Still, everything will stay fine as long as you keep to a fixed budget and maintain control over your decisions.

Trying to get back losses: From now on, you are in danger of gambling addiction. It seems increasingly difficult to win. You are already at a stage in an addiction’s development where you are not just playing for entertainment. You have already been seduced by the illusion of being able to fetch back previous losses. Yet you do not realize this and increase your stakes, now far over your budget.

Loss of self-control:  Yes, it’s happened. You are now a gambling addict. In order to finance this you grasp after any solution. You borrow money from relatives, acquaintances and friends, feed your addiction by bank loans, exhaust the limits of your credit card and sell everything which is valuable and belongs to you. From your own car to your own property. You’re in a vicious circle and there’s no way back. At least not as long as you keep gambling.

Preventive measures:

The situation won’t develop as far as described above if you stick to the following preventive rules. With these you can keep yourself and your gambling habits in check.

Casino visits: It’s difficult to say what represents a healthy number of casino visits per month. Whoever is playing for fun and entertainment can play every day. It’s best though to set a time limit and hold to it. This time should come from your leisure time, rather than work time or time that your normally spend with your family.

Budget: Set a budget which is in line with your income and your familial responsibilities. Never finance money you use for gambling through banks etc. Always stick to your budget. When that budget’s run out, your gambling should be over too. Chasing after losses rarely has a happy end.

Personal habits: Don’t change your personal habits. You still have as much time for family and friends as ever, and you shouldn’t neglect your other hobbies too. Life isn’t just a matter of casinos; casinos are there to entertain you and offer a little diversion from your everyday life.

Health: Only play when you’re in good health and without the influence of intoxicating substances like alcohol. Avoiding gambling when you’re in a depressed state occasioned by issues in your private life or other problems.

Further assistance

If you are already experiencing problems due to gambling addiction you can turn to some of the contacts below. Discretion is assured. Please make use of them if you’re having problems. The first step towards recognition is also the first step of getting away from a very dangerous passion which can destroy not just your life, but also the lives of your loved ones.

Gambling Therapy  /  Self-help group  /  GameCare  /  Gamblers Anonymous

Information and Rules for Online Casinos
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