In contrast to real-world casinos, online casinos make extensive use of promotions. Bonuses are often on offer. Naturally this appears confusing at first, in particular for non-experienced players. After all, some casinos offer multiple promotional rewards at the same time for registration. There is the so-called welcome bonus, deposit bonus, cash back bonus or the repeat-player bonus. In the following we will try and explain to you in more detail which bonus has which effect, and how you make the most of them.


Cash Bonus

The cash bonus is a frequent, and as such frequently-used, bonus. Online casinos offer them in a wide rage of forms: as a deposit bonus, reload bonus or even as a bonus without deposit… Read more


 Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is the first bonus that a new player gets to know. It is often used as an effective advertising tool by online casinos. It can also be found as a new-player bonus or bonus for registration. With this a player is often given a profitable starting capital…Read more


 Cash Back Bonus 

In this type of casino bonus a difference has to be drawn between the repeat player bonus and the cash back bonus for deposits made. Both types are essentially based on the same principle. For this reason this manner of bonus is probably the fairest for players…Read more


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