Famous Software Developer for Online Casinos

The question of suitable software is obviously not just of importance for those running casinos. It’s also important to players. There are certain differences between the market-leading software suppliers for online casinos. As a player, you should obviously pay attention to the games on offer. Yet you also should not ignore questions of security and control. The software firms supplying online casinos presented here in more detail are all established on the market. Casino operations who make use of one of these softwares pay a lot of money to draw upon these companies’ expertise. In future, you will be able to recognize which casinos are investing in things which are most important for the players: range of games, user-friendliness, graphics/interface, security and control.


Microgaming’s software probably represents the highest standard of an online casino. The company was grounded in 1994 and serves at present more than 120 online casinos with its games and software… Read more


Since 1999, Playtech is one of the leading software providers for online casinos. Over the years, Playtech has distinguished itself through an intelligent points system for VIP customers. With it, repeat players are rewarded according to the revenue they generate. Read more


Since its entrance onto the market in 2005, this software belongs to the newer software providers for online gaming. Despite this, Skillonet has already secured some market niches and over the last years its games have gained in quality… Read more


The Swedish company Boss Media, founded 1996, is above all known for International Poker. Despite this – or precisely for that reason – it numbers amongst the top providers for Online Casino Clients…  Read more


This software is a knock-out. With a giant selection of games, captivating graphics and well-realized graphics, Cryptologic presents an extremely sophisticated software. The firm first appeared on the market in 1995… Read more

Overview of Software in Online Casinos
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